October 5, 2011

This year I'll make my parents proud! Hehe. The picture was what I wrote when I was p4. Hahaa anyway 5 more days to freedom and there'll be o levels next year. This is sick I should have gone to express but on the other hand thinking to the positive side this is better!

September 24, 2011

I'm back.

I'm Finally back but I doubt anyone's reading it since I did not really disclose this blog to people...anyway I can always blog now since there's the blogger app on iPhone ;) okayyyyy bye, exams are coming. This is insane but I can overcome obstacles. I am strong.

July 13, 2011

worst day

Yea great so I have diarrhea. Some kind of infection and I wish not to get to get to the toilet for the whole month. Phobia you can say. Damn, life sucks for now. Bye.

July 11, 2011

mix blood.

You know, I think mix blood guys are just so damn awesome that I really want one for myself when I grow up hehe. Singapore guys just turn me off. I mean, just recently one of them played with my feelings and im so disgusted by his actions. Anyway, this is quite random but I just want to rant whatever I could. Today I ate this western food and the food sucks so badly I puked and in the end went to do big business and my ass was so pain I think I can't sit now. Damn you western stall! Never gonna buy your food anymore. :( Okay, using iPhone to blog is really not a good idea since there's so many autocorrect going on here!!! :< Anyway my oral is tomorrow and I'm a nervous bird now. Trembling in fear. Though have to face it, I remembered to being my jacket along lest I freeze inside hehe. Alright bye this post is just bullshit. I'm writing it to myself anyway. Bye